Why Not Use Photoshop?

Lots of people ask me if I use Photoshop to create my logo designs. Whilst it’s a great piece of software for creating web images, anyone who knows graphic design will tell you that you shouldn’t create logos and brand identities in anything other than Vector format. I’ll explain what vector means below. Photoshop is used for editing photographs and creating images of a specific size. You can’t make images created in Photoshop bigger or smaller without losing quality. This is a big issue in logo design for the reasons explained below. Read on to find out more.

So when you create a logo, you need to think where it will be used. Sure, some people will just want to put it on their website. Some might want to get some business cards made up with the logo. Some will want flyers, billboard advertising, car wraps, tv advertising and so on. As you can imagine, a logo has a vast amount of uses and you obviously don’t want to be re-creating your logo for each ad/usage method do you? Of course not. This is where vector images come in and the key reason why you shouldn’t use Photoshop to create branding.

In short, vector images are a format which means they can be re-sized to ANY size, larger or smaller than the original with absolutely NO QUALITY LOSS whatsoever. So if you create a logo at 200px x 200px, you can resize to 2000px x 2000px and it will look as clean and as crisp as it did at the lower resolution. If you did this with a JPG made in Photoshop, as you can imagine, it would look truly awful. You can now see why it’s best to create imagery in vector format. Whatever size you need the logo to be for the desired purpose, you can scale it up or down to suit without any quality loss.

Using a logo created in Photoshop is fine for web graphics. If you just want to make a quick and easy image to act as a logo for your website then by all means, draw it out in Photoshop and use it but this should be avoided 100% if there is any possibility whatsoever of you needing to use the logo in any kind of print format in the near future. You’ll have to re-make the logo completely so in my opinion it’s best to do it right from day one.