What does my logo say about me?

If it’s good, it can speak volumes. If it’s bad, it’ll put people off using your service, despite how good it may be. You’ve heard the term that first impressions count, well, when it comes to branding, they do. Having a good logo and good overall brand is the cornerstone of any business in my opinion and something which is often overlooked by many new start ups coming onto the market. Below we’ll look at the important of branding and what a logo really does say about your company.

In most businesses, you’ll find there is competition. If you’re in a niche where there is no competition then good luck to you, but it’s rare. So ask yourself, you’ve got competitors and you’re effectively offering the same product or service, what’s going to make a customer choose you over your competition? Is it the price? Probably not. Is it your customer service? Most of the time, no. Is it your brand, your look and feel? Does it convey professionalism where the competition doesn’t? If yes, then you can be sure your customer will choose you over your competitor. Appearing larger than you are, more professional than you are and implying that the product or service you offer is superior to others around is a trick many businesses employ to beat the competition. Your logo and branding is an extremely important ingredient in this mix.

When creating a logo, the mistake most people make starts with the brand name itself. Do you really need such a large name for your company. Can you not think of anything short and snappy? Do you really need to describe exactly what product or service you offer as your company name? No. Imagine how popular McDonalds would be if it’s proper name was Ronald McDonalds Burger and Fries restaurant. It’s awful. McDonalds works better. Imagine Microsoft being called Bill Gates Operating Systems – it doesn’t work. You get the idea. Clear, brandable and concise wins hands down.

Once you have the name comes the logo itself. In terms of branding, less really is more. Stick to short words, clean fonts, one or two colours and if you do need some kind of illustrative icon, keep it simple. Remember the top brands, look at their logos. They’re not overly complex. Simple works better in logo design. Don’t get caught up in wanting fancy graphic effects just because it looks good. Looking good visually and creating solid branding can be two very different things.