The Best Tools For Logo Design

We’ve talked at great length through these articles and blog posts about the differences between flat image formats such as JPG and BMP in comparison to Vector / scalable formats such as AI and EPS etc. We’ll now discuss the best tools on the market for creating such images and the key advantages in using them when it comes to branding and corporate identity design. Most illustrators use the same sets of tools for creating brand identities. If you’re looking to get started in this area, I wouldn’t waste your time with anything else. Choose the best from the start.

Adobe Illustrator

This is by far the most popular illustration tool out there and is a personal favourite of mine. If you’re familiar with Photoshop you’ll no doubt pick this up quite quickly. All the tools are laid out the same and creating text layers / shapes is pretty much the same as you’ll find in Photoshop. The key difference is that it is a vector tool so every element you draw/create will be based on paths and vectors. This means that whatever you create can be scaled to any size – a prerequisite for logo design.

Corel Draw

Another popular choice when it comes to logo and brand design. Although not as popular these days due to the growth in Adobes graphic design packages, it is still favoured by some of the more experienced designers. Like illustrator, you can create full vector imagery using Corel Draw and you have a similar set of tools and features to make use of. Personally, I prefer Illustrator but if you’re starting from scratch and have a copy of this available somewhere, it’s a good tool to start learning from and you’ll no doubt pick up the basics quite easily.

Choosing any of the two options above once you’ve mastered the controls and functions of the software will allow you to create your brand vision from scratch with relative ease. Both software options allow you to export your artwork in a variety of formats. You can keep it vector for print use or even export to a web format such as JPG if you want to use your logo on your website etc. If you want to create logos, stick with the above. There are other tools out there but I honestly wouldn’t give them the time of day.