Reviewing a Logo Design

Logo design review is an important step to complete during the design process. It allows you to review one or more logo designs and make necessary adjustments before the final logo is produced. Naturally, there are a few very important aspects to consider when reviewing a logo design.


Check to see if all elements in the logo are correctly proportioned against each other. Proportion is very important because it defines how a logo would appear when enlarged and contracted.

A large symbol combined with a small brand name will still look great when enlarged, but the brand name will no longer be visible when the logo is contracted. On the other hand, small logo symbol combined with a large brand name will look weird when enlarged even though the logo works great when contracted.

The previous example shows how proportion is in fact very important. Review each element closely and suggest the necessary changes to keep the logo as versatile as it can be.

Use of Colors

Many believe a good logo uses no more than 3 colors; this rule may be true, but it is certainly not a rule that needs to be followed blindly. It is still OK to use more than 3 colors as long as they are balanced properly.

Another thing to check is whether the logo will also work in black and white. Colors are attractive and distinct, but they can look similar when converted into black and white.

Take the logo of NBC as an example. The logo looks stunning in color, especially with its clever use of negative space and multiple colors. Desaturate the logo, however, and you will find each part of the shape turning into shades of grey that are very, very similar to each other.

Choice of Fonts

A good logo will never be good enough when it uses the wrong – or too many – fonts. An attractive symbol and a brand name in Comic Sans, for example, is not a combination that shows professionalism and class at all.

You can go a step further and use a custom font. It is not necessary to develop an entire font only for your logo, but starting with a good font altering details of each letter consistently can help you achieve the end result you are going for. I can’t stress enough how important your logo is, so don’t hesitate to fine-tune its details if necessary.