PNG or GIF For Web

Websites have been around for quite some time now. From the time that the Internet was first developed to today it has gone from the mostly text based application to one that now provides full-featured applications. As the Internet began to divert away from mostly text that has been more and more images added to various pages on the Internet.

As more and more illustrations were added to the Internet, several different display formats started to be supported by web browsers including GIF and PNG. PNG is the newer of the two display formats.

Now comes the question as to which display images will work best on your website. The following will discuss the two different display images and which would be better to use and your website.

GIF is also referred to as graphics interchange format. This format of display image was introduced in 1987 by CompuServe. This format generally only supports up to 256 colors so it should not be used with any image that needs to be of photographic quality. If you decide to save any digital photos using this format you will notice that the colors don’t blend well together because of the very limited 256 color palette.

While this display format has a limited number of colors it can still be used for a wide variety of different images such as if you’re to take a screenshot of your computer or if you need to say that image that does not have a lot of colors or well-defined lines in it. One of the biggest benefits of using this display format is its ability to make any color in the palette transparent. This gives you the opportunity to be able to take a small image icon and make them seemingly blend into the background of your webpage.

PNG is also referred to as portable network graphics. This display format was introduced in late 1996 as an alternative to the GIF display format. This is a very versatile display format that hosts a great deal more color options than the 256 color palette of the GIF display format.

You’ll find that images that use this particular display format will be bigger than those used by GIF. You must be made well aware that while images in this display format can be compressed they will not lose any information during the compression process. This causes the images to be quite larger than using any other type of display format.

When it comes to which of the display formats is better to use it is really all up to personal preference. You need to think of your overall design on your website and try to decide which display format would best display the graphics that you want displayed on your website. Both have many great benefits which would make them a good choice as far is the display format that you use on your website. You just need to decide which way the graphics on your website will look better and use the display format that would best show them off.