Mistakes You Should Never Make

A logo needs to be unique and effective, especially since it is used to represent a brand over an extended period of time. Considering the cost of replacing a logo is relatively expensive, it is always best to get the logo design right from the very start. There are a few mistakes that can be avoided easily when it comes to logo design and we are going to discuss them in this article.

One of the classic logo design mistakes is using more than two fonts. This is a big no-no regardless of the circumstance. Even two fonts on the same logo is already a bit too much. Stick to a font (or two) that represents the image of the brand best and make small adjustments to make it unique and appealing.

Avoid using trailing elements as well. A logo that is heavy to one side and has a design element that looks cut off abruptly never looks good. Instead, use equal spacing for each side and create a solid, balanced look for your logo. Certain designers may even go a step further and determine the required space on each side of the logo to preserve a certain image or message.

Never use intricate details unless they are absolutely necessary. Complicated logos and overly small details tend to look incorrect when scaled, particularly when contracted or used for low-resolution purposes. Well-defined lines and shapes work much better in a logo.

Another classic mistake logo designers still make is adding a tagline directly to the logo. This could lead to a series of potential problems as the logo is being used for different purposes. A logo is not a brand and you should never confuse the two. Instead of adding the tagline onto the logo directly, use lock-up configurations so that the two is presented correctly for the correct purposes.

Don’t design a logo that is too predictable. This is a classic mistake that often gets overlooked by both the client and the designer. The use of predictable design elements – for example, Helvetica as the font of choice – will only make the logo dull and less memorable in the eyes of consumers.

It is also not OK to be overly innovative when designing a logo. An attractive logo doesn’t always have to be complicated or cutting-edge. It just needs to convey the right messages and be as memorable as it can be.