Logo Formats for Web Use

One of the primary uses of a business logo is for enhancing the business’s web presence. The logo must appear on your company website, social networking profiles and other online publications regarding the business itself. Although logo formats such as EPS and Tiff offer the most flexibility, it is still necessary to produce several web-friendly outputs of the logo for web use.

JPEG or JPG is perhaps the most popular format for web images. The format can be used with any browser without a problem while at the same time offering good compression and a smaller file size. However, JPEG may not be the most suitable format for certain types of logo, particularly logos that use a lot of vector elements such as lines and patterns.

When the logo output is compressed into JPEGs, patterns and lines may not appear as clearly as they do as vector images. The process of rasterizing the vector logo may cause artifacts and other common issues when done incorrectly. It is critical that you ask your logo designer to pay attention to the use of colors and elements from the beginning to avoid this type of issue.

GIF is another popular format to use, mainly because it offers additional features that JPEGs can’t offer. GIF supports animations, making it the perfect format to use if you want to add movement to the web logo. Bear in mind that GIF files are usually large and may not always be suitable for web use.

PNG is gaining popularity among logo designers due to its ability to maintain transparent matte and crisp images. A web logo with a transparent map is much easier to place on top of backgrounds or other web elements. With a PNG logo, it is easy to create fluid web layouts and have the business’s logo placed interestingly on the page.

One last format that you may want to consider is SWF or Flash. This is not the conventional format to use because it requires add-ons to be installed on the visitors’ devices in order for it to work properly. However, SWF is not without advantages. Aside from its native support for advanced animations, SWF also keeps your logo in its original vector form.

These are the popular logo formats for web use. Pick the format that works well with the logo as well as the web itself in order to get the best possible appearance.