How Important Is A Good Logo?

To answer this, all you need to think about is what comes to mind when you think of any large, well known corporation. Sometimes, you may think of what the company offers in terms of products or services but most of the time, you’ll picture the name or picture the logo. When I think of McDonalds, I don’t think of a burger and fries. I see the logo in my head, the recongisable font, the golden arches of the M. This is what makes a logo extremely important, the brand and the memory of it.

So large companies aside, how important is a logo for small businesses? Well, most small businesses want to become larger and more popular – that’s a fact, so why should a clear and concise brand only be something that large corporations have at their disposal. Why can’t small businesses and even individuals have their own equally compelling branding? Well, the short answer is, they can. EVERYONE from the single person owned business to the large multi-national corporation should have their own logo/branding. A good logo can make your brand instantly recognisable without the need for reading the name. This is what you should strive to achieve.

So what makes a good brand? Is it true that less is sometimes more? Well, to answer this, all I ask is that you think of the 10 most popular companies you can? Think of major sports brands, restaurant chains, high street stores? Got 10? Good, now envisage their logos and their brand name? Do you see that all of them have something in common? Yes, that’s right, they’re all extremely straight forward, simple text, simple illustration with usually just one or two colours. This is the mark of a good brand. A brand that is instantly recognisable, fitting to the business and simple.

Creating brands such as these isn’t rocket science. You don’t need to be an artistic genius to come up with a good name, good clean font and a simple illustration or icon to match your business. Some of the best logos out there are simple shapes with simple text with a simple easy to remember word. All you have to do is follow suit. Don’t think you need to be so descriptive or go over the top with your imagery. You don’t. Less really is more!