Fine-Tuning the Details

Once a logo is sketched and the concept is done right, it can be fine-tuned to better suit the brand. This process is often easier said – or imagined – than done. To help you get started with fine-tuning the details of your logo, let’s review some of the questions you should be asking briefly.

Is it a logotype? Are the fonts recognizable?

A logo may not contain a symbol at all. This type of logo is known as logotype and consists entirely of readable characters. When reviewing a logotype, always ask if the fonts used are recognizable.

A logotype that incorporates custom fonts – no more than two, preferably one single font with a strong character – works much better in staying at the top of the customers’ mind. Even the slightest customization would go a long way.

Will the logo animate well?

Although you are not planning to use the logo as part of an animation at the time it is designed, it is always best to ensure maximum versatility by checking if it will animate well. Picture how the design elements can work together in creating a smooth and attractive animation. At the very least, make sure the logo can be animated as a whole without it looking weird or inappropriate; to test this, try rotating the logo and flipping it horizontally and vertically.

Is the logo time-proof?

A logo is meant to be used over an extended period of time, so it is very important that it is designed to be timeless. Even better, you can check if the logo can be customized seasonally without losing its primary characteristics.

A logo that depends too much on trendy elements will look outdated after a few years. Timeless logos, on the other hand, will work well in any season and under various circumstances.

Does it work when scaled?

Try resizing the logo to see if it works well when scaled. Expand and contract the logo to different sizes and make sure each element – and the logo as a whole – still works the way it is originally designed. Overly complicated details, incorrect proportions and other common mistakes can be spotted quickly by asking this particular question.

Does it work in black and white?

This is a very easy test to complete. Simply desaturate the logo and see if it is still recognizable in black and white. Having similar shades of grey appearing when the logo is desaturated means it needs color adjustments.