Company Logo Design: A Step-by-Step Guide

Several design houses and creative service providers are now offering affordable company logo services. Most of the services can be accessed online, offering professional company logo services for reasonable prices. Whether you are just starting a new business or you simply want to rebrand your company, having a logo professionally designed by a team of experienced logo designers is certainly the better option. There are a few steps to complete in using a company logo design service, and we are going to discuss them in this article. Let’s get started, shall we?

Start by looking into logo design services available on the market. You need to be certain that you are working with a reputable and experienced design company; check user testimonials, reviews, and in-house pre-sale forums as you compare company logo design services so that you can finish the process of finding the best design company to hire even faster.

Once you have decided the logo design service you want to use, hit the Go button and start the process of designing your company’s logo. You will first be presented with a simple form; this form is for capturing your personal details as well as some basic information on the company.

Next, you will be asked to describe the logo concept you may have, key visions of the company itself, and various other important elements you want to add to the logo. Be specific when providing these information; the team of designers working on the project will use the information you provide at this stage to generate logo concepts and create mockups later on.

You also have the option to contact the logo design company directly over the phone. By speaking to the lead designer directly, you can exchange ideas and receive inputs on how your company logo should be designed. A conference with other members of the design team can also be scheduled if it is necessary.

To start the project, all you need to do is make a payment. Since the amount of payment to make is relatively small – usually around $100 to $150 – you can use credit card or online payment gateways to pay for the company logo design service. Check the accepted payment methods on the design company’s site before you proceed.

Once the payment has been made, the logo design team assigned to your project will start working on mockups of different concepts right away. You will be contacted if more details are required to make the logo even more suitable for the business. After 2 to 3 business days, you will receive a set of logo mockups – usually containing 5 to 10 designs – to choose from.

Don’t forget that you can also ask for revisions. After choosing the mockup you like the most, you can change different elements of the design to make the logo even more suitable for your company. The process should take a few hours to a several days depending on the complexity of your requests. Once you are satisfied, the project is closed and the logo is officially yours to use.